Taekwon Tigers – Your child’s First belt grading:  what to expect

There comes a time, quite soon after your child starts training, when they will have their first grading.  Most of them won’t know what to expect and might be worried about facing yet another type of ’test’. This short blog is just to give parents a heads up and to take the mystery out of the […]

This Girl can pack a punch

As a mother of two teenage girls, who regularly train at Discovery Martial Arts Academy, I really love Sport England’s “This Girl Can” campaign.  I’m a runner myself and even though running makes me feel great, the way I THINK I look when I run isn’t actually HOW I look when I run. I don’t have the perfect body, in […]

Competitions: a vital part of training

With two Taekwondo competitions under the club’s belt already this year and a haul of medals to show for it, those yet to compete are probably wondering what the benefits are and why they would want to put themselves through the physical and mental ‘torture’ of it all. I thought it would be a good […]

Taekwon Tigers kick and punch their way into the hearts of Plymouth’s aspiring Kung Fu Pandas

Discovery Martial Arts Academy students have been showcasing their fighting spirit as well as their kicking, punching, blocking and breaking skills at Vue cinema Plymouth, during the City’s opening weekend of the animated Kung Fu Panda 3 film. Adopting their fighting stances in the cinema’s foyer, youngsters as young as four entertained those waiting in […]

Grab your CU’s ‘Passport to learning’ and get travelling!

Discovery Martial Arts Academy is now an official learning destination for Plymouth Children’s University.  If you have a distant recollection of your child enthusiastically waving their ‘Passport to learning’ at you without really knowing what it was all about or you filed it away in a drawer somewhere, now is the time to retrieve it and […]

Is my child ready for Taekwondo?

If your child is crazy for Kung Fu and already demonstrating Ninja Turtle moves around the home, trying out a martial arts discipline like Taekwondo as a hobby is always going to be a logical step forwards.  It’s a great way to help them let off steam, channel their energy and encourage their enthusiasm for a […]