We love discovery! We’re so pleased we decided to send our son here, fantastic teaching, strong discipline and work ethic perfectly balanced with fun and enjoyment. The teachers are lovely great for their self esteem, confidence and general fitness- a big thumbs up from us


The team are incredibly friendly and supportive. My son has autism and they are very adaptive to his needs. The encouragement and training that is given is first class. We love discovery maa and would recommend them highly to anyone wanting to learn tae kwon do.


My daughter can’t wait to get to Gary’s Discovery classes. She loves every session.

Our 8 year old daughter has been coming to the club for just over a year now - she absolutely loves everything about it. The tutors, training and general life skills (discipline, respect, hard work) are all second to none and we would definitely recommend it to all kids and adults alike. Thanks to all of the team for all of your hard work and dedication, Jason & Diana (Lauren's parents)


From the moment we made contact and then went for the first trial session there has been nothing but warmth shown to our boys and ourselves. The team have a great ethos of having fun whilst teaching and they know each individual member by name which is very welcoming. Could not recommend highly enough.


Friendly, fun and brilliant with kids of all ages and abilities. My son has previously lost interest in all the different sports/clubs we've taken him to, but this one he has stuck with and talks about all the time. Would highly recommend. Thank you! x


Me and my family have been training with Mr Burdock since we were all white belts and complete beginners to martial arts. We’ve got fit together and made great friends on our journey. My kids love his classes and we wouldn’t want to train under anyone else.

This isn’t a back street bruisers club. Their emphasis and approach is on skill, technique and the art of Taekwondo. Yes, they want to do well in competitions but you know that you aren’t going to get broken in the process. You can be confident that you will go to work or school the next day without your eyes hanging out on stalks.

Mr Burdock is a really approachable, friendly guy who really knows his stuff and how to get the best out of your body and mind.

Taekwondo has been an excellent way to channel my son’s energy. Even his teachers have noticed a positive difference. As a Taekwon Tiger he is much happier and far more focused.

Highly recommend Discovery Martial Arts Academy for adults and children, and as an activity to do together as a family. Really welcoming, friendly and supportive club. Great for general fitness, toning, core strength, weight loss, and flexibility, as well as learning new skills/techniques. Glad I decided to give it a go and join in.


Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Our son was 3.5 when he started here and his confidence has grown and grown. A great deal of this is down to Garry and Kevin! They are kind, caring and brilliant with all children! Fantastic! 👍🏻👍🏻


My daughter has attended DMA Tigers for a couple of weeks. She is lucky enough to have Mr Burdock (‘Sir’) for her sessions. He is such a wonderful instructor: the right mix of encouragement, humour, fun and order/ structure. My daughter listens attentively to every word he has to say: she is 100% focused there. And I love watching on the sidelines. She loves it so much and it has become the thing she looks forward to every week. It’s been a real positive for her- and for me to use it as a reward for good behaviour. So far I am really pleased we signed her up- thank you Mr Burdock and all the other instructors

Brilliant club with talented instructors who are caring and full of integrity. Can't recommend it highly enough.


Its my childrens first week and they have received a warm welcome been helped gain confidence already and the encouragement from the other members ( some alot older than my two ) has been incredible & they have loved it ....a brilliant ...very professional , like a little family ....will highly praise these great trainers ... I just hope my children stick to it and continue to enjoy these training sessions


Fantastic training for all the family. You really could not ask for better instructors, Mr Burdock, Mr Hamill, Mr Norton, along with so many of the other members of this club, make the whole experience brilliant. Their knowledge, passion and dedication to the art and to the club is unmatched in my opinion. I started out as a spectator of my 2 boys (14 /7) and was extremely impressed how they ran their classes and the commitment to each and every student. My youngest son will also be going as soon as he is 4 and can attend the teakwon tigers. if you are considering a martial art as a hobby or fitness class, please give them a try, you will not be disappointed! A massive thank you to Discovery for your unwavering dedication.


Cannot recommend discovery martial arts highly enough, this was the 2nd place I tried with my 5 year old and the instructors have the perfect balance of teaching making it fun whilst learning about having respect, building confidence etc..if you are looking for somewhere to join then is the place!!


I'm 45 & joined Discovery last year to help with my fitness & have never looked back. They're such a warm, welcoming bunch & treat everyone equally & with respect, whatever their level. I've really enjoyed training & progression with them & can wholeheartedly recommend Discovery to anyone.