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TaekwonDo is a fantastic martial art, suitable for every age, gender, shape and size.  Learn one of the best self defence systems available, whilst getting fit and having fun.   At Discovery Martial Arts Academy, we use the techniques, philosophy and ethics of traditional ITF TaekwonDo, and our expert instructors will help you develop a solid TaekwonDo base, sharpen your skills, give you power, speed, flexibility, spirit, and mental and physical agility for life.

All you need to do is get involved.

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Learn effective self defence in a friendly, welcoming environment, which will also get you fit! Learn traditional TaekwonDo from our expert Instructors who have many years of experience. Maybe progress to competition sparring if you like, or just enjoy a regular workout; we will help you to reach your goals.

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Juniors (6-12 yrs)

We are proud of our very strong Junior membership.  Each session is filled with a mix of traditional TaekwonDo techniques, carefully controlled and supervised sparring, pad-work to develop strength, flexibility, kicking drills, traditional ITF Patterns, and self defence moves.  Our juniors have lots of fun whilst learning a practical skill in a safe environment.

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Taekwon Tigers (4 -6 yrs)

For our youngest members, this is where it all starts! Learn basic TaekwonDo along with important safety skills, in a safe, controlled environment with fully qualified Instructors.  Free belt gradings every three months. As we take your child from white to black belt you will notice a positive difference in their concentration, behaviour, confidence and self esteem.

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