17th November 2015

Is my child ready for Taekwondo?

If your child is crazy for Kung Fu and already demonstrating Ninja Turtle moves around the home, trying out a martial arts discipline like Taekwondo as a hobby is always going to be a logical step forwards.  It’s a great way to help them let off steam, channel their energy and encourage their enthusiasm for a sport which is learnt in a fun, safe, positive and stimulating environment.

Our aim at Discovery Martial Arts Academy is to give children and young adults a great outlet to train in, loads of support as well as a healthy dose of confidence, self-esteem and self-respect in the process.  With a focus on regular inter club competitions we also want to give our students as many opportunities to compete, gain medals and thrive in the sport to its highest level and hope that one day we will coach a future Olympian!

However, there are lots of parents out there struggling to find a fun, affordable extracurricular club that is convenient to get to, will successfully hold their child’s interest long term and is suitable to their personality and fitness levels.

Taekwondo ticks all these boxes and a whole lot more.  If your child is too shy, too bossy or hyper, Taekwondo will teach them many important life lessons which will last long into adult-hood.  After all, a person can only be strong if they know and understand their weaknesses.  Not just focusing on the physical – Taekwondo teaches humility, respect, self-knowledge and positive attitude as part of its curriculum.      If your child is competitive, they can compete; if they like a challenge, there are plenty; if they’re a team player they will enjoy the inclusion, supportive ethos and family feel of the Discovery team as well as being able to focus on their individual, personal and fitness goals.  If they’re shy, they won’t be for long!  There are no gimmicks or distractions with Discovery Martial Arts Academy.   All we ask for is a training commitment and continual practice, which can be a huge amount of fun when done together, with friends.

And Taekwondo has all the results and rewards that you would expect to go hand in hand with any sport, as well as a few extras. Parents of our Taekwon Tigers (aged 4 – 6 yrs.) notice significant and positive changes in their children over our two year course, in the classroom as well as the home – improved discipline, behaviour, focus and self-control amongst them.   Not to mention the obvious improvements in fitness and athletic skills too like power, balance, strength, co-ordination, agility, speed and flexibility.

So, if you want to get your child off social media, their computers and games by plugging them into real life for an hour or so, Taekwondo is a way of life and a great sport to try out for free.   It will get your child fit, healthy and ready for life, both physically and mentally.  There really is no excuse!  Its moves and techniques (kicking, punching, blocking etc.) are easy to pick up and don’t rely on physical strength, size, age or shape.

There are also lots of opportunities to train with Discovery Martial Arts Academy in Plympton, Plymstock and Plymouth (View timetable) five days a week.   Just come and watch one of our classes or even join a taster session for free to see if it’s for you.  You have nothing to lose.  And parents, if you don’t want to become a Taekwondo taxi, you can even take up the Taekwondo yourself and benefit from great family savings (View costs).