14th March 2016

Taekwon Tigers kick and punch their way into the hearts of Plymouth’s aspiring Kung Fu Pandas

Discovery Martial Arts Academy students have been showcasing their fighting spirit as well as their kicking, punching, blocking and breaking skills at Vue cinema Plymouth, during the City’s opening weekend of the animated Kung Fu Panda 3 film.

Plymouth TaekwandoAdopting their fighting stances in the cinema’s foyer, youngsters as young as four entertained those waiting in line to see the latest Dreamworks blockbuster, giving parents an idea of how to channel their children’s energy if the film leaves them trading karate chops with their offspring and everyone Kung Fu fighting back home.

Discovery Martial Arts Academy, a family friendly club dedicated to the fitness, personal growth and competitiveness of its students, expects local interest in martial arts to subsequently soar in the wake of the panda-monium, a move likely to boost its club membership to over 100 since its launch in January.

“When I was growing up there seemed to be a lot more martial arts based films and the likes of Jean Claude Van Damme, Bruce lee and Chuck Norris on the screen to spark interest and trial in the sport,” says Discovery Martial Arts Academy Instructor Kevin Hamill when talking about the positive impact that films have on the take up of martial arts. “In recent years, Karate Kid and Kung Fu Panda have done a great job energizing and exciting kids in the martial arts scene whilst promoting the sport’s ability to improve confidence, discipline and strength of character,” he adds.

“Being able to demonstrate what they’ve learnt in class, in front of an audience, has been a positive and empowering experience for all our young Discovery students and being able to watch the new film afterwards, courtesy of Vue Cinema was a wonderful reward for all their hard work and commitment,” says Instructor Gary Burdock, Discovery Martial Arts Academy Plymouth who led his team of Taekwon Tigers and Juniors. “We’re really grateful to Vue Cinema for all their community spirit and support,” he adds.

Any film goers enthused by the antics of the martial arts loving panda, inspired by his visual pizzazz and delighted by the movie’s karate chop combo of comedy and action can try out their Taekwondo moves for free in any of the training sessions that Discovery Martial Arts Academy runs in Plympton, Plymstock and Plymouth. It’s just one solution for Plymouth families looking for a safe, fun and positive learning environment where their child’s enthusiasm for martial arts can grow, without the risk of upset siblings, broken furniture and holes in the walls.

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To find out more about the training opportunities for Taekwon Tigers (4-6 yrs old), Juniors (7-12 yrs old) and adults (13+) please visitwww.discoverymaa.co.uk, e-mail: discoverymaa@gmail.com , Tel: 07738206163, follow on Twitter @discoverymaa1 or join Discovery Martial Arts Academy on Facebook.