Taekwon Tigers

Taekwon Tigers for 4-6 yrs

Qualified Instructors with over 20 years experience provide positive role models, teach respect, martial arts, stranger awareness and anti bullying techniques through the art of Taekwondo with lots of fun, teamwork & games to build focused, fit & confident kids who can take on the world.

Free belt gradings every three months. As we take your child from white to black belt you will notice a positive difference in their concentration, behaviour, confidence and self esteem.

They will accrue a variety of skills delivered in themed sessions spread over a two year programme: health, stranger awareness, balance, exercise, blocks, memory, kicks and safety skills.

Achievement badges are awarded for 100% effort, team player, superstar, & excellent attendance outside of Discovery Martial Arts Academy.

They can earn awards for top puncher, top kicker and outstanding attention at all gradings.