31st December 2020

Tenets of TaekwonDo

The Tenets are guidelines for all students of TaekwonDo to live by.  General Choi felt they were so important that all 15 volumes of his encyclopaedia start with the Tenets.

  • Courtesy (Ye Ui)
  • Integrity (Yom Chi)
  • Perseverance (In Nae)
  • Self-Control (Guk Gi)
  • Indomitable Spirit (Baekjul Boolgool)

You should know the meaning of each Tenet, so that they can be understood and applied.

At Gradings, you will be asked to give examples, such as:

Courtesy’ means being polite to others and showing respect. For example, always addressing black belts as Sir or Ma’am; saying please and thank you; bowing when entering or leaving the Dojang.

Integrity’ means knowing right from wrong, being honest, both with other people and yourself.

Perseverance’ means always trying your best until you have achieved your goals; for example, practice a pattern until you are able to perform it properly, to achieve higher grades.  Also learning your theory!

Self-Control’ is self-explanatory, but should be practiced inside and outside the Dojang, in both TaekwonDo or in your personal life; for example a loss of self-control when sparring can prove disastrous.

Indomitable Spirit’ means to carry on even when things seem difficult or impossible. To always stick to your principles, to act properly when confronted with injustice.

The tenets are perhaps the most important part of TaekwonDo theory.